1.      A non-refundable deposit of 40% of the cost per car is payable when booking. The balance is due a maximum of 21 days prior to the wedding date.

2.      The service will be as specified in the booking confirmation. Should there be a change in the details, then extra charges may apply.

3.      Cancellations are only accepted in writing and the following charges will apply;

a)     Within 30 days of the booked wedding date 100% of the balance is payable

b)     Within 60 days of the booked wedding date 50% of the balance is payable

c)      Within 120 days of the booked wedding date 25% of the balance is payable

4.       In the event of the client changing the date of the booking we will transfer the booking to the new date if that date is available. However, if the new date is unavailable the fees will be payable as in clause 3.

5.       In the event of a breakdown, accident or any other event beyond our control we reserve the right to substitute another vehicle, which may or may not be the same type and colour of the vehicle booked, or a full refund will be given.

6.       Adequate time will be allowed for the journeys booked but we will not be held liable for any delays beyond our control.

7.       If we are unable to complete the booking for whatever reason we will not be held responsible or liable for any consequential losses.

8.       The client is responsible for the conduct of their passengers.

9.       The cost of the repairs of any damage caused by the passengers will be charged to the client. This includes the cost of valeting if required, should fouling be caused through drink, food or illness.

10.    We reserve the right to refuse to transport a passenger if they are considered to be unfit to travel for any reason.

11.    Passengers are required to wear seat belts where fitted.

12.   The client is responsible for providing special extra seating if required for minors. If the correct seating is not provided we will refuse to transport the passenger, in order to comply with the law. Please visit www.childcarseats.org.uk for more details.

13.    No responsibility or liability will be accepted for passenger’s personal property.

14.    No responsibility or liability will be accepted for restrictions relating to vehicle access at any location.

15.    Any extra time required outside the agreed times will be charged at the rate of £50 per hour or part thereof.

16.    The route taken on the day will be the most appropriate route, unless instructed previously be the client.

17.    No smoking is allowed in any of our vehicles.

18.    The vehicle will be clean inside and out and decorated with cream ribbons and bows, or alternative colours as agreed.